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About my visit to ESF, European Spring Federation

If you remember from my previous articles and evaluations, I have spent many years in the efforts to bring spring firms of our country together, but unfortunately, I can't even find the sufficient number of people to join the friendly conversation around a table, let alone joining together under the umbrella of an association. 
Of course, there are many reasons for this; let's list the superficial causes such as competition, the difficulty of the market conditions, the introverted enterprises and let's look around.
So, how is the situation outside our country, in Europe and in the world? 
I'm starting a long marathon to examine and see it on the spot. In my future articles, I will provide you with the news about the spring associations and spring firms in different countries, and share the developments and information I have acquired.
I thought to myself, let's start with the closest place and I made an appointment with the ESF, European Spring Federation. 
First of all, ESF, a federation formed with the participation of companies, open only to the spring firms and suppliers, and their associations of continental Europe has been established by joining together the associations capable of coming together around the table in their own countries, and the spring firms of the countries who are not likely to come together just like us.
Naturally, a spring firm becomes one with its supplier as a whole. Therefore, ESF includes also companies serving the spring industry. In short, the sector is hand in hand from manufacturer to supplier.
From time to time they come together in major conferences.
At the head of this major organization, there is Tomi Parmasuo, owner of a Finnish spring firm. Mr. Wolfgang Hermann, the President of the German Spring Association, serves as the Secretary-General.
During the visit, I obtained information about both associations from Mr. Hermann, who responded positively to our appointment request. Noting that the German Spring Association consisted of more than 100 companies engaged in the production in Germany Mr. Hermann said that, as I mentioned above, ESF was open to the spring firms of “continental Europe" and that other requests, for example, from a Turkish spring firm, should be evaluated in management. 
I also exchanged views on the membership of the Turkish Spring Association in the ESF, which is still in process of formation in our country, and completed my visit with the hope for a positive result in the board meeting.
Mr. Hermann announced that the first major event before Wire 2020, the big industry meeting taking place between 30 March - 3 April 2020 in Düsseldorf, was the 10th International ESF Congress to be held in Hamburg on September 27, 2019, and invited as this congress was open to all Turkish spring firms. 
With the logic of 'there is a village somewhere far away,' we will continue to cover the topic. 
Be well.
Yours respectfully