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Wafios Group Introduces Its New Machines

On May 8-11, the Wafios Group exhibited new machines at Wafios Umformtechnik's open air facilities in Wuppertal.
In a biannual promotional exhibition organized by companies within the Wafios Group, new technologies were introduced to Wafios' customers from all over the world.
Julian Benjamin Peinke, WAFIOS Umformtechnik's Executive Sales Manager, and Erkan Güler, Regional Sales Manager of WAFIOS AG in Turkey; gave information about their machines to Fastener EurAsia Magazine who participated in the exhibition as an invitee of Wafios.
BMS 36 
New generation, double-headed wire bending machine. It is a full CNC machine specially designed for the production of parts for the automotive and white goods industry. The wire diameter is min 2, max 6.5 mm. 
Wire bending machine the mechanical section of which is made in Wafios' production facilities in China with Wafios' quality and technology. They are delivered to the customers after the final inspections performed in Germany. CNC controlled, wire diameter is between 2-6.5.
Manufactured in our facilities in Germany. CNC controlled with more axis option compared to other models. In our new generation machines, the external appearance will include the glass body. In this way, the interior of the machine is more visible and the exterior looks sharper.
Wire bending machine. The wire diameter is between 6 and 13 mm. The bending angles can be measured individually with the measuring mechanism on it which increases your product quality. This feature is optional and can be applied to all models. 
FUL 166
Cold coiling, compression spring machine with 16 diameters. Lately, we have been receiving demands for second-hand of these diameter machines. So, we decided to produce new machines with a price point of close to the second-hand and produced this model in our Germany facilities. FUL 183, the upper version of this machine, has 18 diameters of wire. We have machines available up to 20 mm cold coiling.
FUL 76
Wire diameter is between 2,1 and 7,5. Automotive valve springs, clutch springs can be produced very easily in this machine.
FUL 36 
Compression spring machine. Can produce up to 500 pcs/min. Infeed speed 200 mt/min. 
FUL 16 
Can produce up to 1600 pcs/min. It measures each spring produced sorting the ones with different tolerances. This measurement and sorting system is adaptable to all our machines by choice.
Spring grinding machine of the largest size within Wafios is a new generation machine with its automated feeding system. Wire diameter between 2 and 16 mm. 
Pressing station with highly dynamic short stroke for the mass production of precise wire nails.
Machine efficiency
800 Pins per minute Continuously high output rate regardless of product specifications.
Permanent quality controls throughout the entire production process.
Machine Structure
Highly precise chisel infeed for tightest length tolerances.
Pinching off the wire blank by means of the splitting tools to produce the nail point and simultaneous cutting waste extraction Cross transport system for exact positioning of blanks.
Short-stroke pressing station for preliminary upsetting the centric nail head Length measuring device with exact centering of wire nails.
Clock-pulse controlled ejection from 800 mm height, suitable for the use of large nail containers N90 model nail machines can produce up to 1000 pcs/min. 3 of 5 N90 model nail machines ordered by Beksan Çivi, the Turkish company, are ready for the delivery, 2 of which were already delivered
WAFIOS Umformtechnik manufactures cold forming machines in nearly 50 different versions to meet customer needs. It produces machines for diameter from 0.6 mm up to 16 mm, length from 6 mm up to 300 mm in and up to 6 stations.
H T5-40 
1-die-2-blow with oscillating die block  High profitability. Optional tool adjustment fixture for optimized set-up times. 
High-precision clearance-free and sealed slide guidance Punches and gripper completely pre-adjustable outside of the machine Machine with high ergonomics Operating principle allows entire “ghost-shift” Technical Data HT 5-40 
Range of wire diameter mm 3 – 5 Ejecting length on the die side max. mm 40 Cut-off length max. mm 60 Output max. pcs./min. 400
EWMenn brand of thread rolling machines are also produced within Wafios. They showed the machine AF 102. EWMenn is in the WAFIOS group since 2015. 
Technical Data AF 102
Max. wire diameter mm 12
Max. Shaft length mm 200
Die Length mm 150/200