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Brazilian motorcycle production grows-up

The local automakers celebrate closing 2018 with level annual production above one million units, since 2015
During the last year the Brazilian motorcycle production growth 17.43%, 1.036.846 units against 882.876 in 2017. That was the first time since 2015 (1.262.708 units) the domestic production operates annually above one million units. The local industries motorcycle association, Abraciclo bet just to get 4.2% during 2019. However, if the current cadence will keep until next December is possible overcome 1,1 million, because last Q1 2019 closed with 276.835, an increase of 6.64%. By another side, if the 17.43% from 2018 repeat in 2019, December can beyond 1,2 million units. A dream. However, that sector has a significant share composed by assembly system CKD (Completely Knocked Down), with many auto parts imported, including fasteners of course. 
The Manaus City (where are The Free Economic Zone of Manaus), located in Amazonas State, has important global motorcycle manufactures, as Honda and Yamaha. Manaus represent a revenue around US$ 18 billion/year, 1.1% of Brazilian GPD total, but, that region is the destiny of 9.7% of fasteners import.
BTW: Abraciclo also incorporates the bicycle domestic industries, that closed 2018 with 773.641 units produced, 15.9% more than the 667.363 units in 2017. The association predict 10,8% a growth in 2019.
Parafusos Lipos complete 70 years
Founded by Italian immigrants, the Brazilian company keep steadfast as fastener provider expert for car and, mainly, motorcycle production, 90% its core business
After informality period from 1945, still in São Paulo city (São Paulo state), on February 25, 1949 was officially registered the Industrial Metalúrgica Lipos Ltda. Soon after, the young industry moved about 20 km away, in the Mauá town, where it is until today his own industrial plant, thus beginning its history as a manufacturer of parafusos (fasteners), led by Italian brothers Antônio, Germano, Liberali, Luiz and cousin Sylvio, all surnamed Polisel.
Despite concerned to keep employees despite the economic crisis, took the company to reduce the 180 to 147 employee since 2015. However, the economic landscape signal to get back improvement , especially if the domestic motorcycle industry expansion keep on his recovering, told Celso, Germano and Ione Polisel, directors from the second generation family members.
Certified IATF 16949, today the Lipos headquarter has 7,000 m2, within a total area of 12,000 m2. Its monthly productive capacity are around 450 tons/month from measures M3 to M16, items among screws, bolts, rivets, pins and special parts like rods, hooks and others made from wire rod.
Ciser named a new national sales manager
After 25 years of technical, commercial and marketing activities in Brazil and abroad, Renato Fiore has taken on the challenge of leading the largest fastener industry in Latin America, the Ciser, especially in 2019 when the company completes 60 years of activities. The last few years have marked some major investments in Ciser unities, especially in Santa Catarina State, and in his fasteners automotive unit, in Minas Gerais state. The new manager declared is committed with his team to working intensely to strengthen our relationships internally and externally. 
Recall I: Mercedes-Benz - Tightening exceeded on Fasteners cause recall over the Axor truck model
Since January last, the unit of Mercedes-Benz in Brazil started a recall involving the Axor family trucks, vehicles manufactured between December 2015 and March 2018. The call reason is from to the replacement of the fasteners used on the auxiliary fuel tank holder. The automaker reported in a statement that the fasteners tightening may have exceeded the technical specifications, which may lead to cracking or even breaking and, in extreme situations, could result in the release of the support and tank, with risks of accidents and damages. This call also involves Argentina, according to the information from Procon Foundation.
Source: Fundação Procon – SP Recall II: BMW in Brazil face a recall about exchange of fasteners with motorcycle
On January 2019 the BMW announced a recall with his lines of motorcycles F, G, K and R, called to undergo verification process and a possible replacement of several components. In the case of the F 800 S and GS lines and the F 650 GS, made between 2006 and 2008, these will be corrected in the position of the tank breather and replacement of the rear crown fastening elements, in addition to checking the front wheel axle. The risk here detected is that the rear wheel locks and the bike lose directional stability.
The K 1200 R, S, and RS, produced between 1997 and 2006, will undergo verification and possible replacement of the oil pump, as well as correction in the torque of the adjusting fasteners of the levers. The front brake discs and the banjo bolts will also be replaced.
Since January last, the Brazilian unit of Volkswagen (VW) opened a recall process about the Saveiro, vehicles year/model 2014-2018, due the possible defect in the rear brake system. Produced between 06/17/2013 to 16/08/2017, the VW found that there was a failure to fit the fastening elements of the rear brake calliper assembly, which could break loose. The time of repair and replacement of these fasteners is estimated in 40 minutes.