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TR Fastenings Inc: The FSP with a global footprint

TR Fastenings Inc (TR), the global specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of high quality industrial and Cat C fasteners is increasing its capacity to support customers across the globe with new product innovation and technical support.
Global FSP
TR is part of Trifast plc, which has 31 sites worldwide, including eight manufacturing facilities. TR USA Headquarters are based in Houston, and our operation has grown rapidly in recent years. As a result, the firm relocated to a much larger facility in 2018 to manage the growth of business in the Automotive and Electronics sectors. 
TR is a Full Service Provider (FSP) to customers across multiple sectors, assisting them both in terms of local support and in extending their global reach. TR has an extensive product range including fasteners for sheet metal, security fasteners, enclosure hardware, fasteners for plastics and automotive fasteners.  The company offers its customers end2end support, from design and technical services through to manufacturing and logistical solutions.
Innovative product design, engineering and manufacture: the EPW screw
The EPW screw, which was designed, developed and patented by TR, is a self-extruding, high strength thread-form fastener which creates its own female thread in punched sheet metal, thereby dramatically reducing assembly times and costs. The screw works by being aligned to the pilot hole in the sheet metal, where it then forms the extruded collar, combining the forming of the thread and the creation of a strong extruded profile, before finally tightening and clamping into the metal.
The key benefits of the EPW screw include:
• Removable and strong screw joint
• High stripping torque
• High break loose and prevailing torque
• Excellent vibration resistance, meaning it can withstand pressured environments
• Combined thread forming and creation of strong extruded profile
• Very high radial compression on screw shank
• Standard machine screws can be used in the thread created by the EPW
Supporting the emerging EV charging industry
TR is actively working with a number of organisations involved in the design, manufacture and development of Electric Vehicles (EVs), Battery Pack Modules (EVB) and Electric Vehicle Charging Units for both commercial and residential use.
As this sector continues to emerge and develop, TR is able to supply an extensive product range and has the necessary technical knowledge, expertise and experience to support this industry. TR’s qualified engineers and sales staff are on hand to advise designers, production and purchasing teams on a number of matters, from Design for Manufacture (DfM) to new fastener technology, sourcing insight and cost reduction.